The Duel of Power and Intellect

Hello, I made a game about wizards battling atop a tower, it’s a 2-Player local game, made in a few days.
It’s made using Unity so requires the Unity Webplayer plugin.
Play it now!

[v1.00] Might update with more questions and stuff later. Hopfully I can upload some standalone builds too soon.

Questions/comments? @mikeAmichael


TRUE/FALSE: Player1: 1 2 | Player2: 9 0

SPELLS: Player1: Q W E | Player2: I O P

SHIELDS: Player1: A S D | Player2: J K L

Answer questions to win! Fall off and you lose!
Push opponent with spells, deflect with matching shield!


Wiz-Off: The Duel of Power and Intellect