Flying Disc Jammers

Flying Disc Jammers

Flying Disc Jammers
Arcade future disc sport

Flying Disc Jammers is an arcade future sports game, influenced (strongly) by the 1994 Neo Geo game Flying Power Disc/Windjammers. 1-vs-1 matches are played with a flying disc that you must attempt to throw past your opponent to the goals behind them, utilising your skill with the disc and the spring-loaded side barriers. Once caught you can only hold the disc for 1 second– the sooner you act the more powerful your throw will be!


  • Supports play with xbox 360 controllers right now (probably best) as well as keyboard, or a mix of the two.
  • Early build, there will probably be bugs, but should be playable!
  • This game is free for anyone to download and play right now, please do, but I’m releasing it right now in the earliest possible playable state. More players/specials/levels/animations/music and core mechanics to come in the future.]

Quick Play Guide

  • First to 12 points wins a set, first to 2 sets wins the match
  • Throw Straight or lob throws up
  • Dash to move fast, block while stationary to knock the disc up
  • Get under lobs & blocks to power up and enable Special Throws
  • When you catch you have 1 second to throw, the sooner the more powerful it will be. If you don’t act it will result in a weak throw.
  • Quarter circle before throws to curve!
  • Note: use keys/controller for menu navigation rather than mouse!

Visit the IndieDB page for more.


Keyboard Player 1:
Movement:[W A S D]
Throw/Block/Dash: [R]
Keyboard Player 2:
Movement:[U H J K]
Lob: [P]
Controller (both):