Ersatz Clinamen

This is a digital reproduction of an installation called clinamen that I saw at the NGV while I was in Melbourne.

It was by the French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot who, quoting the NGV press release, “creates large-scale acoustic installations which draw upon laws of nature

and rhythms of everyday life to produce new forms of art and music”.

I thought it was pretty cool, so thought it might be interesting to try and recreate it.
I’ve also included the options to

  • choose between one of 8 different sounds
  • change the flow speed
  • alter the sensitivity of the collisions.
  • change some visual stuff; more later hopefully.

So you can alter it to find something that you’ll like.


Games can be art! [:

Webplayer embed it below, which is not so great but you’ll get the idea of it, the original standalones are available to download (I’ve only tested the Windows build):

Windows Standalone Mac Standalone

There’s also a youtube video of it here, but it’s a bit jittery for some reason, which the program shouldn’t be in actuality.


Right Mouse Button – toggle options pane on/off

Some sound effects are from the amazing OLPC sound library.


clinamen1        ec0