new game

In progress!

Switches, buttons, flashing lights and conversation! An audible Mech co-piloting experience. Let’s see how it goes.      

Subject to change.. [:

Crane to Freedom
Crane To Freedom!

Crane To to Freedom was made in 48hours for Ludum Dare 34, the theme was ‘Two button controls’ so here’s a crane machine operated with just 2 buttons. Collect stuff to gain points to upgrade your crane claw, grab more, crane to freedom!. 

Playable in your browser now -> WebGL (everything) | WebPlayer (not chrome)

Sheriff Cree
Transdimensional Lawmaker

Sheriff Cree is an infinite(?) dual-stick shooter with interdimensional monster-bandits attacking non-stop. Fend them off (in both dimensions) for as long as you can using your fancy cross-dimensional gear, and plain old 6-shooter. Made for The Walking Dead Game Jam ’13. 

Playable in your browser now!

Flying Disc Jammers
Arcade future sports.

Flying Disc Jammers is an arcade future sports game, influenced (strongly) by the 1994 Neo Geo game Flying Power Disc/Windjammers. Attempt to throw the disc past your opponent to score by using your skill with the disc, and the spring-loaded barriers. After catching you have 1 second to act, the faster you react the more powerful your throw.  

WIP – current build is earliest possible playable version.

Kaiser Earth
Decision making, ship building, pre-emptive retaliation; save the earth.

A scifi strategy game about defending the earth from extraterrestrial threats.      

Has been updated so you can toggle between an ‘action’ style control mode and the original strategic controls.

Ersatz Clinamen
A digital acoustic art installation.

A digital reproduction (with additions) of an installation called clinamen by the French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot.     

Makes for an interesting noise machine, helps me sleep sometimes


The duel of power and intellect.

A 2-player local (shared keyboard) wizard duelling simulator. Defeat your rival with your mastery of magic or your infinite knowledge.  

Wizards battling on a tower!

Jam Games
Stuff that I’ve made during game jams!

Jams that I’ve participated in. So far: Ludum Dare 34, GameMakingFrenzy’13, Walking Dead Game Jam ’13

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